Williams Center for the Arts
Rutherford, NJ


Project Name & Location: Williams Center for the Arts, One Williams Plaza, Rutherford, NJ 07070
Client Name & Address: The Williams Center for the Arts
Contract Number: N/A Date of Contract: 4/22/1994
Date work was started: 4/22/1994 Date work was completed: 6/01/1995
Description of Contract Work:
Construction Manager and Design & Build for expansion of a historical theater and auditorium, inclusive of:

- Demolition
- Concrete and structural steel
- Architectural works

- Historical Preservation & Renovation
- Mechanical works, HVAC, plumbing and sprinkler system
- Electrical works, electrical system, fire alarm system

When the Williams Center for the Arts needed to redesign, expand and update the circa 1920 theater, they went to Collette Contracting for help. Collette Contracting understood the client’s non-profit status and worked with extremely tight budget constraints to draw up plans that met the need for more seating, modernization of the facilities and respect for the historical value of the old theater.

Conscious that the theater depended heavily on grants and donations for its existence and dedicated to preserving the building’s original ornate details, Collette Contracting design group worked hand-in-hand with the client accessing and tracking historical information of previous construction. The results were blueprints done to the client’s specifications; respecting the building’s connection to the past while modernizing the environment all well under the projected budget.

“We chose Collette Contracting Incorporated, because of its sensitivity to the project. The blueprints they drew up made the space more usable, respected the building’s history and kept under budget. They were very accessible to us and spent many hours with us drawing, thinking and re-doing. Collette Contracting is knowledgeable in so many areas and it showed in the final product. .”
  William McLucky,
Director, Williams Center for the Arts

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