Mikasa Retail Renovations
Secaucus, NJ


Project Name & Location: Mikasa Lifestyle, Secaucus, New Jersey
Client Name & Address: American Commercial Inc., Secaucus, New Jersey
Contract Number: N/A Date of Contract: November 1991
Date work was started: November 1991 Date work was completed: May 1992
Description of Contract Work:
Construction Management and General Retail Renovation project of 26,000 square feet, inclusive of:

- Demolition
- Giant interior and exterior displays

- Protection
- Architectural Lighting
- Complete Architectural renovation works
- Rough-in for HVAC, plumbing & electrical

To some client, a building is more than a space�.it�s a look, a feeling, an impression. Mikasa called on Collette Contracting in pursuit of that look. Our firm worked with Mikasa�s designers to create everything from parking space to interior displays. In fact, Collette did everything but put the merchandise on the shelves.

�The contract was awarded to Collette Contracting base on a combination of recommendations and competitive bidding. The original projected completion date was achieved in spite of sizable additional work awarded to Collette Contracting throughout the construction period. They deserve our recommendation for the high quality work they performed and the speed in which they accomplished their assignment. �
  Anthony F. Saltarelli,
Senior Vice President, Mikasa Inc.

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