Boiling Springs Bank
Rutherford, NJ


Project Name & Location: Boiling Springs Bank, Rutherford, NJ
Client Name & Address: Boiling Springs Savings Bank, 25 Orient Way, Rutherford, NJ 07070
Contract Number: Project #2402 Date of Contract: 06/2004
Date Work Was Started: 06/2004  Date Work Was Completed: 06/2006
Description of Contract Work:
42,000 square feet of new construction, inclusive of:

- Interior partitions
- Insulation
- Sprinkler system

- Doors & hardware
- All rough carpentry
- Plumbing
- Bathroom accessories
- Exterior curtain wall system

Collette Contracting Incorporated acted as a subcontractor to a Design & Build firm hired by Boiling Springs Bank located in St. Louis, Missouri. Collette Contracting Inc. encountered many delays on this project due to errors and omissions in the design and engineering, major change orders requested by the client and not issued in a timely manner, overall poor management by the D&B firm. Collette Contracting still completed the project to the best of its ability under these circumstances, and delivered a quality project for its portion of the work.

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